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G.L. Machine Tool Services was established in August 2002, when a number of engineers were made redundant from a well established engineering firm based in Leicester, England. After forming G.L. Machine Tool Services it is now a well established Preventative Maintenance Servicing company, with an excellent reputation and a cliental of many major companies.

G.L. Machine Tool Services is headed up by Gary Sumner. Here's what Gary has to say:


I service many types of CNC Lathes and Machining Centres, including Mori-Seki, Hitachi-Seiki, Matsuura, Daewoo, Chiron, Hardinge, Haas, Mazak. I have had my own company since August 2002, before this I used to work for Fredrick Pollard & Co ltd.

I know Fanuc, Mazatrol, Yasnac, Seicos, Heidehain & Siemens control systems.

I service all types and models of Mori Seiki lathes and machining centres; with various Fanuc Controls, 0T, 15T, 16T, 18T & 21T.

I work from mechanical tick sheets, which form a booklet, one left with the customer and one sent to the office.

I change all oil filters, check wipers (and replace if necessary), clean fans, check alignments, realign turret radially if necessary, check backlash, centerline and do a cutting test for O/D & I/D diameters.

Recent career

I started work at Fredrick Pollards & Co. Ltd. in March 1998. I have worked in Belfast for 2 years on a long service maintenance contract, 2 weeks every month, so am used to working away during the week.

Previous to working for Pollards, I worked for Mazak Machine tools from January 1996 to February 1998. Here I worked as a preventative maintenance service engineer, servicing all their lathes and machining centers and carrying out work similar to that carried out at Pollards. The control system used at Mazak Machine tools was the Mazatrol T1 to T4, T32 and T+.

Previous to this I worked for N.C.M.T, who are agents for Makino and Okuma lathes and machining centers as a service engineer. Most of the machines were major overhauls rescraping in all the sides, fitting new gibs and retaining strips, fitting new ball screws, redoing all the alignments, turret etc, also servicing the machines, changing the oil wipers, filters etc.

I also worked for R.L.B. Servicing Okuma lathes and Mycenters.

Early career

I started my career at Alfred Herbert Ltd. in September 1976.

I did one year training in 1976/77 working for 3 months on: fitting, turning, milling, grinding and also some welding on Arc and Oxyacetylene. I worked at the Red Lane and Edgwick plants.

I served my apprenticeship as a machine tool fitter at Herberts from September '76 to January '80.

I worked on new build Churchill Grinding Machines PBX, BX & CA models, for 2 years. And I also worked on Herbert AL20 CNC lathes for 2 years.

I worked on these machines on new build, I also worked in the test bayon AL20’s preparing them to go out, which included flushing the hydraulics, final fitting and adjustments, setting up the turret, putting pointers and rulers on, nameplates etc.

I have also worked on reconditioning Gridley Multi Spindle lathes and Herbert 3A auto lathes MK1 & 2 models for 2 years.

I went to Henley College and Coventry Technical College for 4 years, part time studying for Mechanical engineering course T1 to T4, City & Guilds-Pass.

I was made redundant from Alfred Herbert Ltd. in May 1983, when the firm closed down.

I started work at A.M.T. (Birmingham) Ltd in October 1983, where I built kitchen & walker unit heads. I did new build and reconditioning here on fitting, I also did some machining on lathes, grinding machines, milling machines and radial drillers and some welding. I also did painting and spraying, running the machines, installing the machines on site. I left A.M.T. (Birmingham) Ltd in November 1984.

For the next year and a half I did reconditioning on Wickman Optical Profile Grinders, this included stripping the machines down, rescraping all side, redoing all the alignments, rebuilding the machine to A1 standard. Finally fitting digital readouts on them.

I started work at New Design Engineering, in June 1986, where I did sub contract work at Jaguar Cars, Radford Plant, Coventry, refurbishing the fixtures on the V-12 engine block cininattie transfer line, the job ended in October 1986.

Since I have worked for R & D Machine tools, doing service work, I also rebuilt 2 Herbert Husky lathes.

I worked for Wickman Machine tools in 1994, where I worked on the beams for the 1.6 multi spindle lathes, which included scraping and mottling the slides and gibs in, I left Wickman Machine tools in December 1994.

My specialiality at most firms I have for is scraping and mottling machine beds slides and gibs, and in the last 7 years preventative maintenance servicing.

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